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Hifz ul Quran Course: What Is It?

It is the process of gathering and keeping knowledge in memory, with the ability to access it whenever necessary. Retrieval techniques are used to infer the existence of knowledge, and memory is at its sharpest right after learning before weakening and deteriorating over time.

The Advantages of Hifz ul Quran Course

Quran Hifz benefits

Because the Noble Quran is God’s book and includes all the knowledge a person would ever need, memorizing, it has numerous advantages both in this world and the next. We can find the past and the future in it, and it is the book about which God said: (Falsehood does not approach it from before or from behind.) It is light, healing, and guidance. [Fussilat: 42] A revelation from the wise and the praiseworthy

Any verse that you read, reflect on, and memorize has the power to change your life! How about someone who memorizes the Quran in his chest and reads it constantly? Reciting the verses, reflecting on them, and listening to them with humility undoubtedly reconstructs a person’s personality and transforms his perspective on life and interactions with others. Unknowingly, the Quran instructs its owner because it provides the solid guidelines and moral pillars needed to develop a healthy, upright personality.

Quran Memorization

A course on memorizing the Quran It takes work and serious commitment to follow the Noble Quran. However, Allah offers tremendous rewards both in this life and the hereafter.

For individuals who want to memorize the entire or a portion of the Holy Quran, there is a course available online. Knowing that each student learns at their rate, our knowledgeable instructors will lead the students step-by-step toward their objectives.

For students looking to begin memorizing Quran teachings online without the risk of forgetting them, Al Azhar’s Quran teaching offers a very good Quran memorization course. For individuals who can read Arabic correctly and readily, this course is for you. So, even if you cannot comprehend Arabic, you can still enroll in this online course. The Quran tutor will walk you through each step until you reach your destination.

Why Opt For Online Hifz ul Quran Course?

These days, you can learn everything online.

You could select online Quran classes for hifz for the following reasons, among others: 

It will save you time

You can memorize the Holy Quran at any time and anywhere with the help of online Quran classes for Hifz ul Quran Course; you don't have to leave your house or drive far to get to a Quran-teaching facility.

The chance to pick the best instructors

In the past, you had to choose a certain venue near your location to learn at, or you had to travel if you wanted to learn from a specific teacher. Online education provides new possibilities for you to learn beyond what was previously possible. All of this was made simple for you by the availability of numerous schools and organizations that teach the Holy Quran online; all you need to do is pick the one that's right for you.

You can save money

You can save a significant amount of money by taking classes online instead of going to a physical location and paying for gas and other expenses that arise when you leave the house. Online access to the Quran is possible for anybody, regardless of income level, and all that is needed is a smartphone or laptop and the Internet. Additionally, the prices for online Quran lessons are typically fair and affordable. There are also a tonne of free resources available for teaching the Holy Quran.

Online Methods for Memorising the Quran

The learner recites the previous lesson (Sabaq) followed by the old memory (Manzil) in front of the tutor during the initial phase of the Quran memorizing program so that the tutor can catch any mistakes and correct them concurrently.

The new lesson (Sabqi) is read out by the tutor in the second section so that the pupils can hear and practice the correct pronunciation.

Students recite an old lesson and practice the new lesson in the third section to keep the rhythm going.

The meanings of each new lesson, the interpretation of the verse, pertinent anecdotes and situations, and the teachings, orders, prohibitions, and learned lessons thereof are all explained by our qualified Quran tutor in the last section.

Benefits of learning the Quran by heart:
  • The highest levels of Jannah are for Quran scholars.
  • The Hifz Quran protects the heart from being destroyed.
  • The Noble Angels will be present with the Hafiz Quran.
  • Hafiz ul Quran will receive a double award.
  • There are ten rewards for each letter.
  • The Hafiz parents received the highest honor.
  •  Fire safety on the day of judgment 
  • Protection from the Dajjal trial
  • Prayer on the day of judgment, among other things


Why enroll at Quran Hidaya Hifz ul Quran Course Academy?

Every Muslim, in whatever nation on earth, should consider memorizing the Qur’an an honor. Whoever memorizes the Qur’an will be among the best of creation in this world and the Hereafter because God will open for him the doors of success for every good, lead him from the darkness of ignorance to the light of the straight path, and bring him out of the gloom.

A recent scientific study has revealed that memorization of the Holy Qur’an improves memory and mental health and helps to feel reassured, joyful, comfortable, content, and satisfied. Memorization of the Qur’an is not only useful spiritually but also strengthens one’s mental capacity.

Anyone who wants to memorize the verses of Allah SWT will find it simple and innovative to memorize the Quran thanks to the structure of our Hifdh Programme that we have created. We also administer tests and exams to let parents know how their children are doing.

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