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A summary of the topic matter covered in the Alim / Alimah course:

3-year Alim/Alimah Course online in India, thoughtfully crafted by Quran Hidaya. Dive into an in-depth of Islamic teachings, jurisprudence, and spirituality

A summary of the topic matter covered in the Alima course:

Tajweed and the Quran

Tajweed is the accurate phonetic pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and learning and applying the science of reciting the Quran, according to Imam Hafs' narration, which has been given to us in an unbroken chain (sanad). The subject is taught academically and practically, allowing students to incorporate each new strand of Tajweed into their Quran recitation. The student who completes this course will be awarded the certification (ijazah) that connects to Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alayhiwassalam.

Quranic Sciences and Tafsir

Students learn Arabic syntax, morphology, and etymology, which allows them to understand the interpretation and analysis of the Quran and Hadith by the scholars of this Ummah. Conversational skills will also help students improve their ability to express themselves in Arabic. Due to this, students will be able to examine other traditional Arabic works and enhance their understanding of several topics.


Students are introduced to Arabic syntax, morphology, and etymology, which allows them to comprehend the interpretation and analysis of the Quran. Students will also improve their capacity to convey their thoughts in Arabic by learning conversational skills. This will help students investigate additional traditional Arabic writings and broaden their understanding of various themes.

Aqeedah (theology)

Aqeedah reveals the religion's roots, allowing one to establish religious truths with evidence and erase doubt. By investigating the beliefs of other sects, one's faith is reinforced, and she is better equipped to confront errors and falsehoods with the proper proofs from the Quran and Sunnah.


Students will investigate several facets of a Muslim's daily life, beginning with fundamental introductions to cleanliness and prayer and progressing to more complex themes such as financial transactions and marriage. They will find Shari'at evidence and principles, allowing them to understand the relationship between rulings and proofs. They will also investigate how differing fiqh viewpoints are discussed among professors.

Islamic History and Seerah

Through the rich history of Islam, students will uncover the essence of their identity. Allah Azza Wajal continually advises Muslims to ponder historical teachings to build enthusiasm and willingness to safeguard Islam's legacy. Studying the life of the Prophet Mohammad inspires pupils to strive in Allah's path and develop into Muslims of rich and robust faith.


Our beloved Prophet's (peace and blessings be upon him) remarks and actions are referred to as the. As a result, it is no surprise that they are the second source of legislation, following the Book of Allah. Muslims cannot hope to understand and genuinely appreciate the Prophet's life until they have a firm grip on it. The Hadith corpus encompasses every element of the Prophet's life, from his private discussions with his wives to his role as a teacher for his community and his status as an able leader.

Alim / Alimah Course Information:

Our Alimah course meticulously covers essential subjects, including Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, and more. The program aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of Islamic sciences, preparing them to become competent scholars.

  • Duration of Alim / Alimah Course: At Our Academy, we recognize the necessity of balancing duties. As a result, our customizable course durations allow you to select from various courses that match your schedule.
  • Period: three years
  • Eligibility: Students must read the Quran in Arabic; however, there is no requirement for Arabic comprehension.
  • Timings: Full-time students must attend classes three hours per day, five days per week, for 12-15 hours per week.

Who can join:

Specialists, Entrepreneurs, Students at Universities, homemakers Those interested in pursuing Islamic education on a part-time basis

Study anywhere in the globe:

A laptop and an internet connection are the only requirements to access the virtual classroom. These classes are available to you from anywhere in the world.

Learn whenever it suits you:

Participate in live classes or watch the recorded ones whenever it suits you best; working men, women, and girls may include religious education in their daily routine at any time that works for them.

Study and make connections with people:

Globally dispersed seekers of sacred learning come together in the virtual classroom. Pupils from various nations and backgrounds exchange knowledge and enhance one another’s educational journey.


Our program aims to create Ulama (scholars) and leaders proficient in Islamic sciences like Tafsir and Hadith with the professional abilities required to lead, serve, and advise the Muslim community with distinction. To ensure we produce not only academics and professionals pursuing careers but also instill the selfless spirit inherent in Islamic scholarship, we design the curriculum and learning environment to cultivate scholars marked by tradition, intelligence, purity, responsibility, and a generous spirit.

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